Dry shampoo is an important tool for anyone to keep in their beauty toolbox, especially for the days that having a full shower, blow drying and styling your hair isn’t time efficient or possible. This article will give you tips for how to make your dry shampoo more effective! Even if you don’t think dry shampoo is for you, buy a sample size and give it a try. You’ll be amazed by how much result you get for such little effort.

Try it at night!

It sounds contre-intuitive, but using dry shampoo at night (especially on your roots) can minimize the appearance of greasy hair in the mornings. Plus, dry shampoo doesn’t cause your hair to look crazy when you wake up after sleeping on it wet! Give your roots a light mist before heading to sleep and wake up with beautiful, clean looking hair!

Spray strategically!

Although most people just grab the bottle, spray and go, learning the best way to apply dry shampoo will cause your hair to looks its best. Start with a two inch section of your hair and start at the underside of it, at your roots. Repeat until you’ve gotten your whole hair covered. Make sure the can is three inches from your head, at least, and be sparing. You don’t want your whole head to be soaked.

Use your fingers!

After you strategically spray your roots, use your fingers to massage the dry shampoo into your scalp! This helps it absorb all that oil and grease, plus it feels great! Using your fingers spreads the dry shampoo around more and insure a more full coverage, as well. Massage that scalp!

Be patient!

Fight the urge to brush your hair right away! Although tempting (you definitely don’t want it to dry in your hair without it – it can make your hair look matted and flat), try to wait at least two minutes in order to allow the dry shampoo to soak up all that yuck! Put your feet up, paint your nails, put on a face mask… just give it a bit to soak in before you comb it through.

Think past its face value use!

Although everyone would rather have the time and energy to take a traditional shower and style their hair, don’t write off dry shampoo as something you don’t want to try! It also can act as a type of hair spray (use it just on your roots to boost volume and increase hold) and spraying a little on bobby pins can help them stay in place. Try a sample size and see if you like it. You can’t go wrong and it could save you a lot of time!

Although some people balk at the thought of using a dry shampoo, they can be an excellent tool for your beauty arsenal! Selecting the best dry shampoo and using the above tips can greatly increase how useful dry shampoos will be to your daily and weekly beauty regimen!

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