If you’re new to the hair extensions game, you probably don’t yet know all the ins and outs, tips and tricks. While you may think they are too much maintenance, they don’t have to be. You just need to have the right products and tools. The first product you should invest in is dry shampoo. If you don’t already have a favorite, we suggest trying a few before writing them off.

You might be thinking, “dry shampoo leaves a powdery residue on my hair,” or “It’s too expensive!” But this is not all true. Not all dry shampoos leave a powdery residue nor do they have to be expensive. Whatever your budget is, you can spend as much or as little as you want on a bottle. But one thing is for sure if you’re wearing extensions – you can’t afford not to have at least one bottle. Even if you are not wearing hair extensions, dry shampoo should be one of your best friends.

To answer your question as to why it’s especially important for hair extensions is that it will keep your micro-beads, bond, or tape intact. If your stylist hasn’t told you by now, you shouldn’t wash your hair too often. You want to keep the washes in between 2-3 washes a week. In between washes, you should use a dry shampoo. It is meant to absorb the excess oil that your scalp produces, therefore keeping the connection between your natural hair and the extensions dry and fresh.

Think about it: you fiddle and tug at your hair extensions while you wash your hair in the shower. Any way to eliminate this stress is ideal. By spraying your hair with dry shampoo, you avoid all of that hassle while keeping your hair oil-free and fresh. Just spray some on your roots, let it sit for a minute, then comb through with your brush, or work in with your fingers.

As mentioned earlier, dry shampoo should be in everyone’s vanity, even if you don’t have hair extensions. Washing your hair daily in the shower with shampoo tends to strip the scalp of the natural oils your hair needs to be healthy and maintain its shine. Your hair extensions don’t intake the oil from your scalp, so frequent washing can really dry them out, as each wash removes important moisture. More details in this post:

With dry shampoo gaining so much popularity, we now have so many options in choosing the right one for our hair types. From budget friendly, to a special formula, to a smell you’ll be drawn to, it is a staple in hair extension care and shouldn’t be ignored! This new shampoo method is the best design in the industry. We strive to have the very best quality and formula on the market today. Shop at Donna Bella today for the best new ideas like dry shampoo and the best overall products on the market today.

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