Which laser hair removal is best for blonde hair?

There are specially developed lasers that have proven effective in removing unwanted hair for men and women with fair skin and blonde hair. The Alexandrite laser works at a higher intensity than traditional lasers, and applies the pigment you need to enjoy permanent hair reduction and removal. However, recent advances in laser technology have given way to laser hair removal for blond patients. Yes, laser hair removal works for unwanted blonde hair growth.

Pigments are scarcer, but that doesn't mean the machine can't attack any hair. It will only take longer to complete the treatment. While dark-haired people will need six to eight sessions for the lower legs, blond people may need between ten and twelve. Since its inception, laser hair removal was strictly reserved for people with darker hair.

However, there are new lasers that work on blond hair. Any reputable laser hair removal clinic will tell you how effective the procedure is now for blondes. Laser hair removal works by using a high-intensity beam to attack and destroy hair follicles without damaging the skin and surrounding tissues. Because the procedure reduces the number of hairs found in the area being treated, it is rare for them to grow back.

Laser devices with long pulses have been shown to be successful in removing blond hair. They are also safer than traditional lasers with shorter wavelengths. Both can successfully remove light hair, since their wavelength is very sensitive to all colors and melanin. For best results, laser hair removal experts recommend treatments every six weeks for the first treatments and then longer intervals between sessions.

Talking face to face will let you know if you can undergo laser hair removal, how many sessions you will need, the cost of laser hair removal for you, and the chances of success of the procedure. Laser hair removal may not always work on people with blond hair because there may not be enough melanin in the hair as a target. The advancement of laser technology in laser hair removal machines has not yet been able to fully overcome this challenge posed by red, gray and white hair. I would like to know if laser treatment will work on my facial hair that is quite hard and fair.

Patients usually notice slower hair growth and weaker hair a few weeks after the first or second treatment. Therefore, the patient needs to undergo a series of spaced treatments for a while until the laser has worked all over the hair at the right time. To determine if laser hair removal is the right choice for your hair, schedule a consultation with an experienced aesthetic medical provider for a full evaluation of your skin and hair type. There are several types of hair, and the type of hair you have will largely determine the effectiveness of your treatment.

With more than 10 years of experience in laser technology, Lital has developed its unique laser hair removal technique and is known for being competent, professional and personal. You've probably noticed that the hair on your legs and arms is lighter and thinner than the hair on your bikini and underarms. Therefore, there is, in the first place, that sharp contrast between skin and hair that helps the laser pick up the hair.

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