Which laser hair removal is best for indian skin?

This basically means that no matter the color of the skin, the laser will not be attracted by the melanin in the skin, but by that of the follicle, at a deeper level. The GentleYag laser is an especially good treatment for patients with darker or suntanned skin. Its unique wavelength makes it equally effective on darker skin types, and at the same time, it's completely safe. Cynosure is an award-winning global medical and aesthetic device company.

Cynosure lasers are medical grade, to ensure the most effective and safe treatment for darker skin. In addition, these systems are strongly supported and supported by clinical research. The newest lasers on the market now have the ability to attack melanin at the hair root without dispersing into the surrounding skin, which for Indians may have a higher melanin content, allowing laser hair removal to work effectively on Indian skin. In the past, laser hair removal was not safe and effective for Indian skin due to these factors, but as the laser industry has advanced, this is now possible and there are very effective and safe lasers on the market.

The GentleYag was once a standalone laser, but recently, the manufacturer, Candela, decided to combine this laser and the GentleLase (a 755 nm alexandrite laser), one of its other very popular lasers for laser hair removal. Research shows that permanent hair reduction is best achieved with a slower and longer heating process, making SHR hair removal a more preferred option than IPL. Shah is an expert in facial plastic surgery and oversees all laser protocols and parameters and has personally trained each laser beautician to understand how to treat Indian and Pakistani skin. Advances in technology have challenged this standard and many people with different skin and hair types can now undergo laser hair removal treatments.

During laser treatment, the machine emits a light that is immediately picked up by the hair pigment. But when you naturally have more pigment in your skin, there's a risk that the laser will target your skin instead of the hair itself. The best time to undergo laser hair removal treatments is when sun exposure will be limited before, during, and after treatment cycles. At any given time, all of the hair follicles in one part of the body go through their natural phases of hair growth, loss and regrowth, and all the hairs are not synchronized to follow that cycle together.

In the past, laser hair removal was inaccessible to men and women of color because of how laser hair removal technology worked. So you're looking for people with a skin tone close to yours, preferably with hair similar to yours, and if you're looking for a laser hair removal treatment to remove ingrown hair, you'd like to see photos of patients who also suffered from it with darker skin tones, because that's an additional level of difficulty, because it's so much more inflamed skin is likely to react badly.

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